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Veganergy® – PalmFreeMCT powder

Veganergy® MCT powder is Vegan and Palm Free, made with our PalmFreeMCT™ Oil and prebiotic Acacia Fibers from Acacia Gum as the only other ingredient. The powder is spray-dried and has a minimum fat load of 70%. As the powder is highly mixable and free from dairy, silicon dioxide, glucose and maltodextrin, it is a natural energy-boosting ingredient for a variety of dry applications.

Mostly being used in formulations in Diet foods, Sports nutrition, and Medical food markets. Yet, a more upcoming application is the use of MCT in ketogenic food products like shakes and bars. Read more about this specific market on our other website: Ketogenic Ingredients.

Our Veganergy® comes in two types of Caprylic (C8) and Capric (C10) fatty acids:

  • C8C10 60/40
  • C8, pure caprylic acid

We offer Veganergy® in bulk (20kg per bag, 480kg per pallet and 400kg big bags) as well as in Private Label end formulations.

Production of our MCT powder & applications

Veganergy® is made in Europe, in an infant formula grade factory, using the latest spray-dry technology to create a high-fat powder with a highly mixable capacity. With our strict control limits on microbiology & contaminants, the production process results in a safe-to-use ingredient for all your applications.

Because of the neutral taste and smell, MCT powder can be used in its purest form or as an ingredient in other ready-to-use keto formulations like shakes.

Characteristics of our Veganergy®


100% palm oil free, vegan, non-GMO, and allergen free


Two different versions: pure C8 (caprylic) and C8C10 6040


70% oil load and carb-free


Keto & Paleo friendly


Free from silicon dioxide, glucose and maltodextrin


Neutral in smell, taste and color


Highly dispersible

The Clean Label trend

Most companies grow towards the trend of clean labelling as the end consumer gets more conscious. This applies to powders as well. Why sell an MCT powder based on palm, silicon dioxide, maltodextrin, sugar or dairy when you want your customers to experience the health benefits of MCTs? Together with Functional Ingredients, transparency and honesty is what matters when selling a product.

We believe in this movement towards vegan functional health products. Will you be part of this movement?

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