Veganergy: Vegan PalmFree MCT powder

Veganergy is a vegan Medium Chain Triglyceride (MCT) powder made with our PalmFree MCT oils and Acacia Gum. It is high in fat (min 70%), free flowing and a perfect fit for anyone looking for a dry MCT-rich format without dairy, glucose or maltodextrin.

Currently, we offer two formats: a C8C10 – 60/40 and a C8-100, pure caprylic acid, both made in Europe against the highest quality level. It comes in bulk (20kg per bag, 480kg per pallet) as well as private label. For the latter we also offer formulas in a number of formats, for more information please visit this page.


For information of MCT’s see our PalmfreeMCT™ page.
There are three big areas where MCT’s, supported by the ketogenic diet or by itself, adds major value. Weight loss is probably the most highlighted of them all, and when we say weight loss, we mean fat loss. And not just any fat, but specifically the unhealthy visceral fat.
A second area is our brain. Ketones produced from MCT’s can enter the brain without being stopped by the Blood Brain Barrier, allowing them to energize brain cells effectively. The third area is that of sports nutrition, supporting not just the energy but endurance & fat loss during the CUT phase of any muscle building program.


MCT-based, Palm-free products have been growing with an explosive force the last years. First in the North American market, as a popular ingredient in the Ketogenic diet, and now becoming wide spread. In Europe the Ketogenic diet is growing quickly in the Nordics, UK, Germany and Benelux areas. The oil format still widely used, but with a growing market the demand for a wider application are of these products have become apparent. Sports Nutrition, Classic diet shakes, Chocolate, Bars and many more areas require a powder format and not oil. 

From the North American Market we can see the diets and the products are more than just a fad, they are here to stay!
And Europe? It is making itself ready for biggest food market change in years. Double digit growth is predicted for at least the next 5 years. Let’s be part of it. Together.


With the number of consumers interested in the ketogenic diet and its’ health benefits growing, so is the need for products. From single ingredients (electrolytes, MCT oils, collagen) to a new phase. A phase in which convenience will become ever more important as it is now entering the Early Majority phase of the market. These consumers drink high fat coffees, need a Keto proof snack on-the-go and have a firm desire to decomplexify the diet. At Lus, we believe we can help and that our powder can be part of products you develop for this consumer group.

Interested in serving you customers with the latest trend in nutrition? Wait no longer and contact us today!

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Veganergy PalmFree MCT powder

Veganergy PalmFree MCT powder

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