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VeganCLO® – Your Vegan Cod Liver Oil replacement

VeganCLO® is a vegan liquid oil product containing plant-based Omega 3 from Dmax 400 Algal DHA oil, Chia (and/or Flax), with Vitamin A, D and E just like it’s fish-based cod liver oil. This formula is so rich in nutritional components that numerous health claims are allowed in Europe.

Are you familiar the popular liquid Cod Liver Oil on the market today? Why take it from fish when you can also make it vegan and have the same benefits? Yes we thought the same! With a delicious Sicilian Lemon oil it is not only functional for health but also a delight for taste buds fitting into the current vegan & natural movement. This product is is delivered as a Private Label product in a bottle of your choice. Standardly comes in 150 or 250ml amber bottle, packed under inert conditions to maximize shelf-life.

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Why Vegan Cod Liver Oil?

Cod Liver oils have been around for decades and have popularized all across Europe and North America. Although different variations exist, nearly all delivers high contents of Omega 3 per tablespoon with additional fat soluble vitamins. With an increased demand in predator species like cod, fish harvesting is having a ripple effect on destroying ocean life and disruption of food supply chains. So let’s focus on ways how we can make it more sustainable while making our health a priority!

We have now formulated a vegan version of this popular oil that is adaptable to your needs in terms of Omega and three key vitamins.

Characteristics of our VeganCLO®


100% vegan


Contains omega 3 (DHA, ALA & EPA), vitamin A/D/E


Health claims can be made in Europe


Adjustable formula upon request


Lime or lemon flavoured


Available in amber glas bottle

Health Claims

When labelling VeganCLO® you have a choice with a multitude of health claims on:

Brain | Eye | Heart | Bone | Immunity

Ask for the full official list by contacting us below!

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