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Vegan Vitamin D3 Droppers

Our Vegan D3 droppers come in 20-50ml pipet bottles with your wanted concentration of Vitamin D3 per drop or dosage. We use the trusted Lichen (reindeer moss) vegan source of D3 and our PalmFreeMCT oil for dilution as the only other ingredient. Some end consumers prefer a liquid Vitamin D3 over a soft gel, as consumption is easier and less ingredients are present. Liquid drops are also perfect to add to a drink and for infants & young children.

“Liquid plant-based immunity power”

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Feel good, be good!

Most Vitamin D3 products that are available in stores are made from Lanolin, the wax that is extracted from sheep wool. After refining the wool-fat and subsequent crystallization, it is UV-treated to produce the vitamin D3 which our sun-deprived bodies so desperately need. Is this really what we want?

Or would we rather use the plant-based Vitamin D3, made from Lichen?  Lichen is a symbiotic moss that effectively makes the building blocks of vitamin D3. A moss also known as Reindeer Moss. Yes the stuff they eat! 

Clean and pure, no wool involved. UV makes sure the last step of conversion can take place, ready for your customers to reap the benefits. 

Characteristics of our Vitamin D3 droppers


100% vegan, no wool involved


Free from allergens & chemicals


EU health claims possible


Your wanted concentration of Vitamin D3 per drop / dosage


Diluted with PalmFreeMCT Oil


Just 2 ingredients

Available health claims

Different EU health claims around Vitamin D3 are available to use on your label. It is one of the most researched vitamins and yet new evidence of its health benefits come to light every year. This fat-soluble vitamin is both a nutrient we consume as well as a hormone that our bodies produce under the influence of UV light. Due to limited sunlight during the winter as well as spending more time indoors Vitamin supplementation can be recommended. 

In the column right the health areas were claims can be made are shown.
Scientific papers on Vitamin D3 are freely available upon request!


Bone health

Muscle health

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