Vegan Soft Gels

We believe that when you can replace animal based products, you should. It is simply better. For the animals, for people, for the the planet. Our line of of vegan soft gels are filled with (combinations of) our raw ingredients, healthy & competitive!

Algal oil Omega 3 soft gels – STOCK ITEM

Fish oil / Omega 3 fatty acids supplements have been in the top 5 of the most sold supplements for over two decades now. Our algal oil provides a vegan alternative!

The consciousness about the environmental impact of our lifestyles on the planet is increasing rapidly, also witnessed by the rise of flexitarians and vegans. Healthy & planet-friendly supplements fit this growing group and are clearly on the rise. We see this no longer as “just a niece”, do you?

Our algal omega 3 soft gels, wether a pure DHA (min 250mg) or a EPA+DHA (1:3 ratio total min 250mg) are a perfect fit in this market and are readily available to help you succeed.

Astaxanthin soft gels – 4mg STOCK ITEM

After the attention for astaxanthin in the US (Dr Oz) rose, product sales with this super antioxidant have steadily risen. The research on astaxanthin is still increasing and shows promising results in the area of skin, eye, inflammation and endurance.

Our Astaxanthin is made by naturally grown algae and, from an evolutionary perspective, believed to be in our diets for as long as omega 3. Hand-in-hand with pink&red sea food like salmon, shrimp and krill.

(Vegan) Soft gels are the primary applications in which you will find astaxanthin and we can offer these with 4mg or 8mg per soft gel. Please get in touch to receive an offer or for more information!

Vegan softgels D3

Vegan Vitamin D3 1000 IU STOCK ITEM

We don’t have to explain the benefits of Vitamin D3 anymore. It’s involvement in immunity, development and bone health is based upon on a solid scientific foundation. Our vegan D3 soft gels have a 1000 IU strength and are fitting in nearly every age group and country.

Our Vitamin D3 is Made form Moss (Lichen) not sheep wool fat as you would normally find in vitamin D3 supplements. As one of the most supplements sold world wide we thought it was time for the vegan alternative that fits in your (renewed) portfolio. Play into the trend of vegan and that of people looking for immunity. 


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