Nataxtin Vegan softgels

NatAxtin® Astaxanthin vegan capsules

Our Astaxanthin vegan capsules come in your label claim of choice, with 4 or 8mg as favorites. The standard capsules are opaque red, are size 0 and uses calcium carbonate as a filling agent, which conveniently add Calcium to your label claim. Our Astaxanthin vegan hard caps  are made from Nataxtin® natural astaxanthin coming from Chile. Find out more about the Nataxtin brand here, or read more about our ingredient offering on our Nataxtin Product Page

“NatAxtin® is 100% natural and the most effective form of astaxanthin on the market”

We have over 50 PDF format studies available for you on the this strong antioxidant (6000x stronger than vitamin C!) showing its benefits in areas like inflammation, eye health, skin health and energy production.

At this moment in time no official EU health claims are permitted.


Why Vegan Hard Capsules

Most capsules that can be found today are made from gelatin, extracted from skins and bones of slaughtered animals. We are committed to make a change in this by offering our VEGAN product also in vegan format (HPMC).

Samples are available !

Characteristics of our

NatAxtin® capsules


Red Vegan capsules with natural astaxanthin


Your label claim of choice


Calcium as additional label claim


Size 0 capsules


MOQ 100,000 capsules

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