DHA interview

Strengthening our fat powders product line

“At Lus we are delighted to now have available a more complete range of fat powders. We successfully launched our branded Palm free MCT oil powder line (Veganergy®) a year ago, which is found in many (meal) shakes, sports nutrition products and diet products. With several clients wanting to enrich their products with omega 3, 6 and 9 fatty acids, we started working on our new range. We wanted this range to also be free from sugar & maltodextrin, fitting in every lifestyle, including Keto” says René van Hoorn

Clean Label trend

Fat powders are not new to the market, yet for years they have been based upon dairy, glucose syrups, maltodextrin and many other ingredients that most consumers do not want or need. The development of acacia-based fat powders cleared the way for label-claim-friendly products, with just two main ingredients and, when necessary, antioxidants.


We now have available Veganergy® MCT powder 6040, Veganergy® MCT powder Pure C8, Sunflower oil powder, Avocado oil powder and Flax seed oil powder.


“What you will never find in our powders is silicon dioxide. The use of silicon dioxide often leads to having unwanted nano-particles and is being looked into by several regulatory bodies including EFSA” said René van Hoorn, Founder of LUS. “We know there are suppliers that add silicon dioxide to improve free-flowing properties and often don’t even mention it on the ingredient list. That is simply wrong, but also not necessary if using the right technology, as we do at Lus.”

Low-Carb High-Fat: a market to look out for!

The low-carb high-fat market has grown significantly over the last few years. In the United States, keto friendly products have already become mainstream, and an expanded range of products are available in the supermarkets. This trend continues to find its way into Europe.


“MCT-rich products are well-recognized by health-oriented end consumers to impact fat loss, improve cognitive functions and increase energy,” says Lotte Damen, Business Developer and dietician at Lus. Whereas the keto diet used to be a relative new concept in 2018, nowadays the word is spreading from consumer to consumer by personal success stories shared online and offline.

Lus sees a growing popularity in the use of fat-based powders, but the demand for turn-key Private Label low-carb products is growing even faster.


“We have seen an enormous market growth in Europe with some clients growing 500% in 12 months, with most of this growth seen in the e-commerce channel. To support our customers, we developed a number of science-based formulations that fit with current consumer needs and trends. These formulations are available off-the-shelf or can be easily adapted to perfectly fit any brand.” Says Lotte Damen.