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No Monkey business with PalmFreeMCT products!

You may have read or heard it somewhere over the previous days: PETA Asia is calling on companies and consumers to ditch coconut products from specific Thai companies using coconuts picked by macaques.

The animal rights group PETA has found that monkeys, called macaques, are being used in Thailand to pick coconuts. They call them ‘coconut-picking machines’ as these animals are being trained to pick up roughly 1000 coconuts a day!

As a vegan company we focus on delivering ethical, honest and transparent products to our customers. We do not tolerate any animal cruelty, child labor and animal testing for our products. We work together with suppliers that also have the mission to uphold the highest production standard at all times. For people, animals and the planet. 

We can, therefore, safely state that no animals are being used in our coconut based medium chain triglyceride (MCT) oil production process.


Our production of PalmFreeMCT oils

The coconut oil used comes from coconuts that are farmed in a small and local way. The coconuts are being harvested by hand, using a long stick with cutting blade attached to it. The oil from these coconuts have the MCT fatty acids caprylic (C8) and capric (C10) fatty in small quantities of around 8-12%. The majority of fatty acids in coconut is Lauric acid (C12) a product often used in cosmetics and soaps for its antimicrobial properties. In our solvent free production process enzymes are used to split off the fatty acids which are then fractionated. This is done through distillation and selection takes place on the boiling point of the fatty acids. Once collected these fatty acids are brought to Europe, where they are re-attached to a glycerol to become an oil again.


Lus Health Ingredients was brought to life with the goal to serve customers with high quality vegan ingredients. To have sustainability at the heart of the company.