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Lus Celebrates 2 years anniversary !

The conceptual idea of Lus Health Ingredients perhaps started as long as 25 years ago. It was when I read my first Tony Robbins book called “Awaken the giant within”. I jotted in my daily journal 20 pages or so on a business that evolved around food, exercise and mental health. It took me a few decades to both overcome the fears of starting something for myself, but also to further sharpen the business idea to what now is Lus Health Ingredients. Based upon my own values of helping others become more healthy and do something good for our planet. That personal foundation is also the foundation of Lus Health.


As most businesses I started by myself. Setting up the supply chains I knew I needed, landing the first orders, shaping the new developments that would help the customers, and thus (L)us stand out. I remember building the Ketosene® line on paper and launching the Red version first, which is still going strong in multiple countries today. We set up a full line of ingredients, vegan soft gels, Astaxanthin-based products and later on also created Ketogenicingredients.com, a platform to support our Keto customers with turn-key private label products & formulation. The business grew and so did the team. Both at the office as outside.


I have always regarded suppliers to be part of our team. Nobody can do without good suppliers. I hope you read this twice. Treat them well! Proactive, supporting the business but most importantly, sharing common values. When you share common values, both supplier and customer will make things works even if they are slightly out of scope. From the values you share a common sense of mission will come about, and no, that is not making money. Making money is the result you produce from going after your mission whilst creating value for your customers. This of course goes both ways, we, as Lus, are part of our customers’ team as well.

The Lus “office” Team now has four people that share the mission of helping others. With great spirit and pride we continue to help each other make the best of each week and …have fun doing it. I remember my first job advert. The one that Juliana responded too. It was in English and I had put it up on several platforms. One of which was Indeed. I had purposefully put in the add that we “do not hire smokers”. This seemed to be discrimination and the add was removed. This actually put a smile on my face as I knew that the company I was trying to build was different.

And different we have become! We respond fast, even when you sent to our general info@lusingredients.com email. We are honest about we can and what we can’t do. We stick to what we believe in. After hiring Jules as our commercial assistant and bring joy to customer service, we took on board Lotte -aka KetoQueen- as our driver for Keto products and Ricardo as our business manager to bring structure and an awful sense of humor. The foundation is there, but surely we will not stop here.


Years to come

Today exactly 2 years ago I registered Lus Health Ingredients at the chambers of commerce and it feels like yesterday.

I don’t know exactly what the next years will bring, but my strong belief is that when we stick to our core values, listen to our customers and build the right strategy many nice things will be ahead. Our Keto platform will further grow and we will bring some many new products & ingredients to this category, I can’t wait to share!

The vegan supplement space is really taking off right now. Omega3to1® will grow as a platform to a multitude of what it is today. The Nataxtin® product line is just getting started and so many are getting to know the benefits of this algae based antioxidant. Our line of fat powders is getting attention on a global level. Our R&D will provide new insights to products that will change the market.

But above all, let’s have fun doing it!


My special thanks for these last two years are for Malek, Jose Luis, Emil, Jose Tomas, Tobi, Richard, Ruud, Anouk, Ton, Annet, Bart, Sanne, Johan, Pat, Reto, Layla, Aidas, Stijn, Ben, Ricardo, Lotte and Jules. There are many more people that have been of incredible help to me personally or the company along the way and I can’t thank you all enough.