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Reducose® 5%

Reducose® is a plant-based, patent-protected innovation that can help to decrease glucose uptake from carbohydrate rich meals foods by 40%. The product is extracted from White Mulberry leaves that are rich in the Iminosugar called 1-Deoxynojirimycin (DNJ). Reducose® contains 5% DNJ, which is the highest commercially available dosage and backed with an enormous body of science.

“Reducose® will decrease the glycemic index of nearly any food”

One of the key enzymes in our carbohydrate digestion is called Alpha-glucosidase. Upon entering the small intestine DNJ binds to Alpha-glucosidase for about an hour and the enzyme will not be able to break down disaccharides into mono sugars, like glucose. As less glucose is liberated from more complex carbs, the uptake of glucose and consequent rise of blood sugar will be less than normal. In order for the effect to take place Reducose® needs to be consumed (and enter the small intestine) BEFORE a (carb-rich) meal to get the maximum benefits. Not all Alpha-glucosidase will be affected by Reducose® but a number of clinical trials have revealed about a 40% reduction in blood glucose by using the product versus a placebo.

A recent clinical trial with consumers taking either 250mg Reducose® 5% or a placebo before taking 75g sucrose showed a highly significant effect in 1) peak glucose, 2) area under the curve (-40%) and 3) not getting a sugar crash (lower blood sugar than at the start) in favor of Reducose® . Similarly, not shown here, a 41% reduction was seen in insulin response.


As a young women, Chen Xie watched her family members and friends suffer from Diabetes (type 2), constant fatigue and health problems lowered the quality of life of her loved ones. As she was trying to find out more about the disease, she became aware of the global epidemic for both Prediabetes and Diabetes. This made Chen realise she wanted to dedicate her career contributing to a solution for Diabetes type 2.

For her Family, for her Friends and for the World.

After her studies at Peking Union Medical University, she went on to attain a PhD in plant chemistry and bioactivites from King’s College, University of London. Chen co-founded Phynova’s Chinese subsidiary, Botanic Century China Ltd, and now being a doctor she went on to combine her newly acquired know-how on innovative drug screening with Traditional Chinese Medicine. This combination laid the foundation of her discovery engine, which revealed that an extract from white mulberry leaves could be an effective candidate to reduce glucose uptake.

Over the next decade, Dr Chen and her team performed further (human) clinical trials on the effect and safety of the white mulberry leaf extract, now known as Reducose® and made sure it got the needed regulatory approvals.

Chen’s mission of finding a natural solution gave her the drive to discover Reducose®, the product now globally available to help people manage their blood glucose levels.

Characteristics of Reducose®


Reduces the after-meal blood glucose level up to 40%


Proprietary water extract of white mulberry leaves


Highest commercially available content of DNJ


Fully natural, non-GMO & Allergen Free


Allowed in Europe for Food supplements


Trademark available to be used on your label


Consider the meal:

Reducose® 5% acts upon specific carbydrates but not mono-sugars, proteins, or fats. If the meal that a consumer is about to eat contains very little complex carbohydrates, Reducose®  will not be effective. Examples of meals that will not take the full advantage of Reducose are a tuna salad, a drink high in glucose- fructose syrup or a glass of wine. Instead, think of meals containing complex carbohydrates such as rice, wheat, starchy vegetables.


Before a meal

Reducose® 5% can be presented to end consumers in different formats, as capsules, tablets, powders, gummies, gels and more. It is critical that Reducose® reaches the Alpha-glucoside in the intestine before the carbs from a meal do. So you take it 1-10 minutes before your meal depending on the format. Examples: a Coated tablet  (10 min), Capsules (2-10 min depending on type), Powder (1 min).


Moments during the day

Reducose® 5% is fully safe to use and can be used with any meal, with 250mg being most effective. By using Reducose®, the consumer can benefit from the “second meal effect”, ideas for use

Breakfast: 250 mg Reducose® before Yogurt (lactose)

Lunch: No Reducose : A high protein salad

Dinner: 250 mg Reducose® before Rice, Broccoli with chicken

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