Growing the European Market Together with Natural Astaxanthin Producer Atacama Bio

We are proud to announce that Lus Health Ingredients is partnering with one of the key producers in the world of Natural Astaxanthin: Atacama Bio.

Lus Health Ingredients now exclusively represents Atacama Bio Natural in Europe, with the brand NatAxtin™. The privileged location of the company in the Atacama Desert enables a low cost, sustainable, environmentally friendly, and most-close-to-natural technology to produce Astaxanthin as nature intended.

Sharing values

Needles to say, we share the values of Atacama Bio and that is one of the reasons why we think this partnership wille be a great succes. When you share values and beliefs with your partners good things will happen!

José Luis Arenas, CEO of Atacama Bio:

“We have received an enormous energy boost thanks to this partnership. Teaming up with a company that shares our core values with such enthusiasm reaffirms our commitment to people’s health and sustainability.”

This deal brings together Atacama Bio’s strength in producing high-quality natural astaxanthin and our market and product development skills.

Would you like to know more about NatAxtin Astaxanthin? Check our product page, or have a look at the series of articles we wrote on Astaxanthin.