Veganergy™ – Vegan PalmFree MCT powder

Proudly launching Veganergy product line, a label claim friendly MCT powder that fits in many application that desire MCT without the bad stuff! Veganergy is a powder with a 70% MCT oil load and only acacia gum as the other ingredient. It is produced with PalmFree MCT’s and comes standardly in two versions (Pure C8 & C8C10 6040). The product is made in Europe, in an Infant formula grade factory, using the latest technology to create high fat powder with Free Flowing capabilities. With our strict control limits on microbiology & contaminants Veganergy makes a safe-to-use ingredient for all your applications.

The power of Medium Chain Triglycerides

MCT’s are best known as energy givers. These triglycerides made from coconut fatty acids are rapidly converted in our bodies to ketones. Ketones form glucose-alternative that give our body & brain easy access to energy without the negatives that come with carbohydrates. Just 15g of our product will get the body in nutritional ketosis within an hour, lasting another 3 hours. Burn fat the smart way !

Not all MCT powders are the same

Our powder is fully vegan, contains no carbs but only fat & (acacia) fibers that have no impact on the glycemic index. Most dairy based powders we know are made with maltodextrin (and even glucose syrup &silicon dioxide) and create, what we believe, is an unwanted glycemic response.

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News & Articles about Coconut based MCT oil:

What Is Keto??

What Is Keto??

Keto confusion Just 6 months ago most of us had never heard of it. Some fad from the USA? Ketogenic? Ketosis? What?  But over the summer, Europe learned about athletes taking ketones and winning races.About people losing fat without muscle mass.About it...

Join (L)US at Keto-Live conference

Join (L)US at Keto-Live conference

LUS will sponsor Keto-Live conference - Join us with a discount! Those who know us, know that we love to understand the science behind our products. So of course we are in full support of the scientific efforts being made around the world to understand the...

The Astaxanthin science overview of 2019

A good year for Astaxanthin science!

In 2019, a substantial amount of new papers came out, we counted over 50 with a relatively new research area getting lots of attention!

Brain was the main research area of 2019

When we say brain we mean three different areas: cognition, depression and stroke (or neuroprotection). Researchers showed that mood could improve within 8 weeks, that memory may improve and fully reviewed the current science on neuroprotection.

A short overview:

  • BRAIN: 14 studies on Brain came out with cognition being the major driver. Astaxanthin can cross the brain barrier and researcher have only begun to find out what impact it may have there.
  • OXIDATIVE STRESS: Probably the most researched area overall, as the antioxidant capacity of astaxanthin is unmatched. It protects the cells and increases the body’s antioxidant response.
  • TOXICITY: Some very interesting research came out showing how astaxanthin helps the body cope more efficiently with toxins. This may also support certain chemotherapies by decreasing side effects
  • ENDURANCE: We love the mitochondrial upgrade astaxanthin gives! More research to support the intake of our friendly molecule for athletes came out this year!

Roughly 20 scientific papers are available free in PDF format, which you can find below