LUS will sponsor Keto-Live conference – Join us with a discount!

Those who know us, know that we love to understand the science behind our products. So of course we are in full support of the scientific efforts being made around the world to understand the benefits of the Ketogenic diet. 

This is why we decided to become a proud SPONSOR for the upcoming Keto-live conference

A fantastic event from Monday June 10th till Friday June 14th, filled with the latest science, chances to meet the world top scientists, eat Keto in a historic Hotel in a stunning environment. We will be there with a small team to meet you, present our range of MCT oil products and have fun. As a sponsor we have been offered discount tickets for all our partners, customers and friends, so they too can be part of this epic event. if you want to join, than please click the link below:



Fill in the promotional code with “LUS” to claim your 25% discount now

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