New on Stock: Nataxtin® Astaxanthin 4mg Vegan Soft gels

as of mid-July

Astaxanthin, the dark red natural antioxidant made from Algae is here to stay!

Having teamed up with the best and most Natural source out there today (Nataxtin®), we are proud to announce the launch of our Vegan Soft gels, ready to serve your needs at low MOQ’s

You wanted to put Astaxanthin soft gels on the market, but high MOQ’s and high investment cost held you back?

Lus Health Ingredients launches Nataxtin® soft gels with an MOQ of only 30,000 soft gels
And as always… these are vegan with an effective 4mg dose of Astaxanthin

Nataxtin® Astaxantin Health areas


Find more info HERE or reach out to (L)US for studies & advice

A recent study of Sophia Z. Liu, et al 2018, with Astaxanthin an elderly showed surprising results on muscle growth. in a randomized clinical trial seniors 65-82 yrs old followed a three month exercise program (incline treadmill walks) with either placebo or astaxanthin supplementation. After the study researchers discovered that only the Astaxanthin group showed a significant muscle strength increase!