Why choose for fish oil when there is a plant-based alternative like algal oil?

The majority of fish oil omega 3 supplement comes from overexploited fish species like Cod, Sardine, Tuna, Shark and Anchovies. Surely, more programs have come in to place to monitor or improve fish stocks (MSC, Friends of the Sea) and although many fisheries eagerly try to get approved, the fishing still continues.

To make matters worse, the major fish oil consumers (aquaculture farms, especially salmon) have found an ineffective way of transporting omega 3 fatty acids from Peruvian anchovies to the farmed salmon on your plate. Certification like ASC or “organic salmon” have further confused the customer and many believe that eating farmed salmon is actually a sustainable & healthy choice. It couldn’t be further from the truth. Omega 3 levels in Salmon have dropped by 50% the last 4 years and it depletes wild fish stocks.

Then take algal oil. Not perfect yet. Not the full range of EPA & DHA variations as seen in Fish. But a huge improvement in sustainability and a perfect way of getting the health omega 3 fatty acids in your diet. Pure. Clean. Label friendly, just the way we like it. A healthy population deserves a real omega 3 vegan alternative. It deserves algal oil, so why not get it from the experts at Lus Health ingredients?

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