Ketosene ®

Ketosene ® was developed to serve the needs of those that want to perform on a higher level than all others. Those that might already know the benefits of living a ketogenic life style but want more. More energy. Better performance at work, when working out or in life in general!

Application Areas

Fat burner &
Energy provider

Fits in a
Keto diet

Brain fuel

Performance enhancing

Boosting your energy metabolism

Our energy production is a complex biochemical process that, if looked at on a cellular level, comes down to mitochondria creating ATP. These intracellular structures are found in every human cell. In muscle cells the highest numbers are found: a staggering 3500 mitochondria per cell.

The type of fuel provided to these mitochondria & how this fuel is processed determines the amount of ATP that can be made. Taking Ketosene is like upgrade your fuel & engine at the same time!

Mitochondria: our energy producers

Ketosene provides the body with the fuel to effectively create ketone bodies. These ketone bodies function as an improved fuel source for mitochondria as compared to carbohydrates. In parallel, Ketosene boosts the ATP production by enhancing the electron transport chain efficiency (Complex III) and finally, reduces oxidative stress.

The ingredients in Ketosene provide benefits individually, as well as synergistically. Due to the nature of the ingredients, it takes roughly 4-6 weeks before the synergistic benefits can be noticed.


Ketosene is a unique combination of medium chain triglycerides & astaxanthin that comes in two versions. The basic formula features a PalmFree MCT oil with a Caprylic acid : Capric acid ratio of 60:40 (Ketosene) or 80:20, (Ketosene PLUS) as well as an organically grown Haematococcus algae which provides natural astaxanthin. The product is lightly flavored with natural Sicilian lemon oil to improve the sensory experience.

The product is sold in private label bottles, antique green or premium black to prevent astaxanthin oxidation by UV light. Different bottle size, bottle types and caps available.

Product use & features

The product’s suggested intake if 2 x 15ml per day, 30 minutes before a meal for optimal Ketone production. For those that do not use MCT oils in their regular diet, it is suggested to build up the amount of Ketosene, starting with a teaspoon on day one towards two table spoons on day seven.

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