Why choose soft gels made from bovine or porcine gelatin, when there are plant-based alternatives?

We have probably all taken them. Soft gels. Weather beautifully transparent, colorful or opaque it is the main choice for most fat-soluble ingredients like Vitamin D, Omega 3, Krill oil and more. Few people realize where this gelatin is made of. It is not a pretty story. 


What about gelatin?


Gelatin is made from the bones and skins of animals like pigs & cows. Generally considered as animal by-product coming from your local slaughter house, it is collected, refined and applied in many products. Gummy bears? Yes. Gelatin Pudding. Oh yes!
99% of all the worlds soft gels? You better believe it.


The alternative: vegan soft gels


There are better choices. So much better. Simpler, cleaner, animal free. Take our vegan soft gels, which made functional plant based ingredients! No E-numbers, no chemicals, gluten free, an all-natural vegan solution with similar functionality as the slaughter house by-products.

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