Product Formulations

Our formulas have been developed with our three key elements in mind. Think of tapping into the -switch to vegan- with products like Vegan ‘Cod liver oil’, Vegan ‘Krill oil’ and a vegan prenatal formula.

For Lus health ingredients it is clear, ingredient applications that help our customers position products towards their fast growing target group, are a must to succeed.

Vegan Krill

Boots UK as well as Holland & Barret have had substantial pressure over having Krill on stock in their stores. H&B have actually decided to go for more sustainable choices like this.
Everybody has to make her own decision on what to buy but there is surely no denying however that the components that make up Krill are supplying benefits to the user.

So we have put together a formulation with algal oil, astaxanthin and organic lecithin in a vegan capsule that comes as close to krill oil as possible, and OOPS it is cheaper than Krill too!

Available as vegan colored capsules. Light green is our favorite, but you may pick your favorite of course.

This formulation contains:
400 mg of lecithin, 175mg of EPA&DHA as well as 0,15mg of Astaxanthin, per two capsules.

Vitamin D3 soft gels

Vitamin D3 is critical to the human body. First discovered in the 19th century as a co-factor for the uptake of Calcium and now know to impact many bodily functions, with new discoveries still found out in the last decade. Popularity of this vitamin as a supplement is still growing.

Lus health ingredients offers Fully vegan Vitamin D soft gels at a 3,000 IU strength. Clear soft gels made with lichen based D3, ready to take for customers at an MOQ of only 45,000 per order. Hello sunshine!

Prenatal formula

During pregnancy many biological processes change in a women’s body, all aligned to give the unborn child the best possible start. The right nutrition advice during this time forms a critical part in this and is, unfortunately, mostly aimed on what not to eat. No alcohol. No raw Meat. No raw Fish. Cooked fish only 2x per week because of the heavy metals. Safety first, of course.

And yet, DHA is so essential at this time. In the third trimester the developing child’s brain rapidly expands in size and DHA is one of the main building blocks needed for this. Just like folic acid is crucial in the early stages of a pregnancy. In fact, the only two allowed EU health claims in the area of foetus development are with DHA and Folic acid.
So using a safe DHA supplement, which is enjoyed by many upcoming & current (vegan) mothers in combination with folic acid is a perfect fit.

This formulation contains:
250mg of DHA from algae and 400ug of folic acid in a vegan capsule.

Vegan Cod Liver oil

Cod liver is rich in long chain omega 3’s and Vitamins A & D. And although these days the liver oil is refined and vitamin A and D are added, the product itself is still recognized for these components.Our vegan Cod liver oil is available as a (lemon) flavored bottled oil, similar to comparable Scandinavian Omega 3 oils.

This formulation contains (per 5 ml):

1000 mg of Omega 3 from winterized algal oil & Chia seed oil
Vegan Vitamin D3 (10 mcg), A (250 mcg) and E (3mg)

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