Our Medium Chain Triglyceride (MCT) oils are made from coconut fatty acids and 100% PALM FREE. The product is made from sustainably sourced coconut oil and fractionated to yield energy giving MCT’s.

Currently, we offer three formats; a C8C10 – 60/40 and a 70/30 as well as a C8-100, pure caprylic acid. The products consist only of medium chain fatty acids and do not contain lauric acid (C12), sometimes found in less effective market offerings. They are refined to  give a clean, taste and odorless oil that has a wide range of applications. Both products are conventional, non-GMO, vegan, Keto & Paleo friendly and, of course, Palm Free.

We offer the following range of products to our customers:

– Bulk : PalmfreeMCT™C8C10 6040, PalmfreeMCT™C8C10 7030 and PalmfreeMCT™C8 pure
– Private label Bottles : 250-1000 ml bottles in a wide range with our exclusive partner, Pure and Organic.


When fats are taken up by the body they follow a specific route. The route for MCT’s, however, is different to normal long chain fatty acids. MCT’s are quickly taken up in the blood rather than through the lymph / chylomicron system, which is normal for fats from Olive & sunflower oil for instance. Upon entering the blood stream, MCT’s are also able to access liver cells more quickly, which in turn, create energy (or ATP) for our body to use.

Energy – without sugar -without an insulin response – is a highly sought-after solution for those wanting to avoid carbs. The pure caprylic acid, C8, is the shortest of the two and considered the fastest and purest way of getting energy.


MCT’s have been on the market since the 70’s. Researchers discovered the benefits as described above and applied these fats in Medical Food and Infant formula. In these market the MCT’s were always based on Palm Kernel oil (PKO) or at least mixture of PKO and Coconut oil. The last decade coconut oil use has increased tremendously for cooking, cosmetic and many other uses. The understanding of what coconut oil can bring in terms of health benefits is highly linked to the MCT’s it contains. Positioned as a concentrated form of coconut oil, the MCT’s have taken the market by a storm, first in North America and now also in Europe.


MCT oil is widely used, both as to replace current products with PKO based MCT’s as well in nutritional lifestyle product for those following special low carb diets. Ketogenic diet, Cross-fit, HIIT, boot camp are buzzwords with communities behind them that are seemingly more than just a fad. The popularity has translated into 40M USD yearly turnover of bottled MCT oil on Amazon alone. Consumers report an energy boost and highly recommend to use MCT’s as a shot in their coffee.

Interested in serving you customers with the latest trend in nutrition? Wait no longer and contact us today!

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