Avocado oil

Avocado oil

Avocados have grown in popularity over the past decades and recognized as a healthy food amongst many. The green fruit is rich in fats that is now available at Lus Health Ingredients as flavor dressing or as a cooking oil. The product is available as cold pressed or as a refined oil and comes from South Africa.

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Avocado oil applications

Avocado oil is rich in mono-unsatured fatty acids making it a highly stable oil with many purposes. One of these mono unsaturated fatty acids is palmitoleic acid, an Omega 7 fatty acid, that has been shown to increases feelings of satiety in different animal studies. It was the basis for our Keto product, called Ketosene® Green. The rich and pleasant taste of our cold pressed oil is everyone’s favorite! Our refined avocado oil functions like a cooking oil that is an alternative to olive oil. The refined oil is also used in our Avocado oil powder.

Avocado oil has a smoke point of 271 which is significantly higher than that of Olive oil.

Characteristics of Avocado oil


Rich in Omega 7 to help manage satiety


Cooking oil alternative to olive oil


Healthy fats for salad or cooking


Delicious taste


Continuous quality

Getting to a perfect quality, every time

The quality of avocados is highly variable, if you have ever bought avocados you know getting the right ripeness is not easy. Our cold pressed oil is made from ripe avocados by a special way of selecting called near infrared or NIR. This allows for non-invasive testing of ripeness so that only the ripe ones are selected for fresh pressing of the flesh. This is done using brushes that scrape of the ripe flesh which is then pressed further.

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