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The dark red astaxanthin is the cause for the pink color in salmons, flamingoes, crabs and krill. Our Astaxanthin is 100% natural and made from Haematococcus Pluvialis algae by our partner Atacama Bio. They cultivated the algae in cleanest environment on Earth, The Atacama desert. Once extracted using Supercritical CO2 the final product is an Oleoresin with varying amounts of Astaxanthin. Our main product is a 10% Astaxanthin oleoresin but new development are under way! The oleoresin itself is conventional, non-GMO, Vegan and free of allergens. The product is highly concentrated (10% oleoresin) and one of nature’s strongest antioxidants. Our product is Novel food approved and the suggested use is up to 8mg pure astaxanthin per day.


A substantial amount of studies has been done on astaxanthin, including randomized clinical trials. Although the science is strong, it does not yet allow for official EU health claims.

On fun story is on semi-professional cyclist were shown to improve their 20K time-trial by 2 minutes after just four weeks of taking 4mg astaxanthin. Or take screen workers who were able to improve their vision. Or women who were shown to improve skin elasticity and decrease wrinkles all due to the supplementation of astaxanthin.

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The Astaxanthin market had a huge surge a decade ago. Renowned Dr. Ozz featured the product and it’s benefit on national US television and popularized the product quickly across the continent. In Asia, Japan took a lead in researching the benefits and were able to grow the market rapidly. Both markets are sizeable and growing, but until recent, the market in Europe was still small. Recognition of a vegan, highly effective antioxidant is currently penetrating the market and those who take Krill oil, understand the benefits of Astaxanthin, with soft gels as the favorite choice.


Fitting in a health-oriented and active lifestyle many users greatly appreciate Astaxanthin products. On Amazon 500k$ a month of products is being sold and that is just on the pure ingredient in a soft gel. Self-reported benefits include improvement of mobility, decreased joint pain, improved (night) vision, no longer getting sunburns and more.

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Launch VSG Nataxtin 4mg

Launch VSG Nataxtin 4mg

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