Dmax algal oil

Dmax® 450 Algal DHA Oil

Dmax® Algal oil was developed to serve those who want the benefits of Omega 3, without the use of Fish. Our algae are grown using a fermentation process, yielding an oil with a minimum of 450 mg/g of DHA. This oil is refined & winterised to appropriately accommodate a variety of applications to fit your needs.


Docosahexaenoic acid (DHA) is one of several omega 3 fatty acids often found in fish and highly researched for its health benefits. The awareness of how these long chain fatty acids get into fish is growing rapidly across the globe. Marine algae are the true source of DHA and these form the basis of the entire omega 3 (sea)food chain. All the way to our plates. If you are looking for the health benefits of long chain omega 3, why not go for the algae directly and leave the fish alone?

Our bulk offers start as small as 25kg and is offered in steel cans and drums.

Dmax 400 Algal

DHA applications

DHA is an important building block of nerve tissues and is found in both white as grey matter in the central nervous system. It plays a crucial role in the development of these tissues and aids in the signal transduction between nerve cells. Read our July 2020 interview with DHA lipid expert Adrian Hughes. Algal Omega 3 rich supplements are used in soft gels, as input in fat powders and in oil formulations.

A number of official health claims can be made on DHA around brain, vision and development. Ask us for details!

Characteristics of Dmax Algal DHA oil


Vegan source of EPA & DHA


min 450 mg/g DHA


Lowest in industry oxidation parameters


Low in 3 MCPD & GE


Used in Functional Foods & supplements


Better than EU limits on contaminants


Double winterised

The Vegan Omega 3 Trend

The number of flexitarians, vegans and those who believe in making more sustainable food choices has grown rapidly. Yes, millennials are the No1 generation that is driving this change, but this has now spread to the entire population, at least in the western world.

Though Amazon is not the biggest sales channel for supplements, over 3M algal oil capsules are being sold monthly, rating 4 stars + for all products. The online reviews teach us that consumers are buying the algal omega 3 oil as they were looking for a vegan alternative for fish. Join the trend!

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