Finished products with your Brand name

At Lus we offer multiple solutions for private label packaging of oils and powdered product. We will guide you throughout the whole process of making your product stand out with our PalmFreeMCT™, Ketosene® and Dmax™ DHA Algal oil.

Our newly launched Veganergy™ MCT powder fits in a variety packaging and combines great with proteins, electrolytes and natural flavors.

Private Label bottling

The offering we have on oils and fats is one of our strongholds. We offer more than your standard Marasca & Dorica bottles but are open to a full range of bottles that will help you stand out, whilst fitting in your brand. 


Private Label powder packaging

We offer a wide range of packaging options for you to choose from when it comes down to powders. Our key product Veganergy™ MCT powder is the number one choice for many Keto & sports nutrition brands and is offered as a pure products, with natural flavours & stevia and in a set of formulations that we will gladly discuss with you.


Product Formulations

Our formulas have been developed with our three key elements in mind: Science, Market & Consumer. Think of tapping into the -switch to vegan- with products like Vegan ‘Cod liver oil’, Vegan ‘Krill oil’ or a vegan prenatal formula.

For Lus health ingredients it is clear, ingredient applications that help our customers position products towards their fast growing target group, are a must to succeed. Need Inspiration? Get in touch!

Veganergy™ Vanilla Creamer – Ketosene® Red – Instant Keto Latte

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Can the ketogenic diet fight viruses? This is what we know!

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Veganergy PalmFree MCT powder

Veganergy PalmFree MCT powder

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