D Max algal DHA Oil


Algal oil with DHA&EPA in 3:1 ratio

Omega3to1® Algal oil combines DHA and EPA both from the same algae species Schizochytrium spp, it serves the need of those wanting to have a realistic fish oil replacement with both long chain omega 3 fatty acids in plentiful amounts. The total combined amount of DHA & EPA is 480mg/g and always in a 3:1 ratio.

Omega3to1® is V-label certified and novel food approved

Both Eicosapentanoic acid (EPA) and Docosahexaenoic acid (DHA) are the omega 3 fatty acids for most recognized as fish oil. These two fatty acids are highly researched and found to be good for heart health, eye health and brain health. People are now becoming aware of how these long chain fatty acids actually get into fish, which is due to marine algae. Algae are one of the few organism that can synthesize omega 3’s, which form the e basis of the entire omega 3 (sea)food chain. Yes, all to way to your plate! Are you like most consumers now and you choose not only health but also sustainability? Then choose algae, choose Omega3to1®

Bulk offering is limited due to high demand for our soft gels. 

Dmax 400 Algal

Omega3to1® applications

EPA is a key fatty acid in our body and helps modulate inflammation. EPA can be converted in the bioactive eicosanoids which influence our levels op inflammation. Though the main focus of research on EPA was in the area of heart disease, the last years progress has been made on the impact of EPA on brain health and specifically depression.

DHA, in turn,  is an important building block of nerve tissues and is found in both white as grey matter in the central nervous system. DHA’s role in eye health is getting more attention lately!

DHA for the brain, is what calcium is to our bones.

DHA  plays a crucial role in the development of these tissues and aids in the signal transduction between nerve cells. Read our July 2020 interview with DHA lipid expert Adrian Hughes. Our Omega3to1® Algal oil is used in soft gels, or used as input in fat powders and oil formulations.

Official health claims on both EPA & DHA can be made, ask us for details!

Characteristics of Omega3to1®


Vegan source of EPA & DHA


480mg/g EPA + DHA


DHA & EPA ina 3:1 ratio


Low in Totox


Used in Functional Foods & supplements


Better than EU limits on contaminants


Double winterised


V-label certified

The Vegan Omega 3 Trend

The number of flexitarians, vegans and those who believe in making more sustainable food choices has grown rapidly. Yes, millennials are the No1 generation that is driving this change, but this has now spread to the entire population, at least in the western world.

Though Amazon is not the biggest sales channel for supplements, over 10M algal oil capsules are being sold monthly, rating 4 stars + for all products. The online reviews teach us that consumers are buying the algal omega 3 oil as they were looking for a vegan alternative for fish. Join the trend!

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