Nataxtin Vegan softgels

NatAxtin® 4mg & 8mg vegan soft gels

Our Astaxanthin vegan soft gels are bright red and contain a minimum of 4 or 8mg Natural Astaxanthin per soft gel. Our Astaxanthin soft gels are made from Nataxtin® natural astaxanthin coming from Chile, diluted in our PalmFreeMCT™.

These soft gels are V-label certified !

“NatAxtin® is 100% nature identical and the most effective form of astaxanthin on the market”

Current science has shown that astaxanthin is a membrane-spanning molecule with a high antioxidant power that helps protect against reactive oxygen species and inflammation.


Why Vegan soft gels?

Most soft gels that can be found today are made from gelatin, extracted from skins and bones of slaughtered animals. We are committed to make a change in this by offering our VEGAN product also in vegan soft gels that have carrageenan as a basis.

Characteristics of our 4mg & 8mg

NatAxtin® soft gels


Clear Vegan soft gels with natural astaxanthin


Minimum of 4mg or 8mg of Astaxanthin


V-label Certified


5 oval size, diameter 6,5-8,2mm, length 11,8-14,6mm


MOQ 45,000 soft gels

Carrageenan, a safe additive

Carrageenan is one of the ingredients in the shell of our soft gels. It is made from red seaweed and gives the soft gels the structural properties whilst giving a clear shell.
There are a lot of false claims around carrageenan, like it being toxic, or even carcinogenic. Most of these stem from old research 40 years ago where animals were fed extreme dosages or even got carrageenan injected.

After those early days, the toxicology research on this component has been extensive with one clear conclusion: Carrageenan is safe for use and more even, no upper limit has been set by the WHO.

It is not degraded in any shape or form in our gastrointestinal tract, studied at length without any toxicological effects. Even if you would take 100 soft gels a day. But don’t take our word for it, read for yourself.

soft gel

Size :15 oval
Diameter 10mm
Length 15mm

(sizes can vary slightly due
variation in filling volumes)

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