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Your Liquid Algal oil Supplement

We have successfully helped companies across Europe to launch their vegan liquid oil product containing plant-based Omega 3 Algae. Using our Dmax® 450 and our Algal Omega3to1® as the basis, we can help formulate a product rich in vegan EPA & DHA without making concessions on effectivity normal seen with Flax or Chia seed oil. Together with you and your team we will design a shelf-life stable and tasty product that your consumers will love!

We can deliver you a Private Label product in a bottle of your choice!

Why use a liquid formula?

Liquid formulations with Omega 3 have been around for over a 100 years, with the traditional Cod Liver oil bringing bad memories for our grandparents!  (and If you are looking for our Cod Liver oil replacement check out the link).

Still today the succes of liquid formulations can not be denied, as it is one of the most cost efficient ways of getting a high dosage of Omega 3 in your dietary supplement. It can be made tasty with natural flavours, it can come with additional vitamins (or micronutrients) and can be taken by consumers of all ages or by those who dislike soft gels.

Characteristics of Liquid Algal oil Formulations


100% vegan


Contains the omega 3 of your choice


Health claims can be made in Europe


Fat soluble vitamins can be added


Citrus flavouring


Available in a bottle of your choice

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