Keto confusion

Just 6 months ago most of us had never heard of it. Some fad from the USA? 
Ketogenic? Ketosis? What?

 But over the summer, Europe learned about athletes taking ketones and winning races.
About people losing fat without muscle mass.
About it actually working??!!

So what is it?
The ketogenic diet is old. Older than most of us reading this. Likely. 
1920’s when was it was first used to treat children with Epilepsy. In our sugar crazed society almost none of us have gotten any healthier over the last three decades. Obesity, Diabetes type 2, Heart disease. The rise seems unstoppable. Until a few smart people got this diet “off the shelf” and lost serious weight over a short periods. 

How does it work
It works in several stages. You start eating a lot of fat, al little protein and almost no carbs. By doing so you deplete all your sugar & glycogen, making the body switch to an alternative fuel source, which is fat. Your liver will make ketones from the fat, hence the name ketogenic diet. Your mitochondria will use the ketones to make energy from. And more efficient than from glucose. Oops sorry glucose….you have been my friend for so long!

The best thing .. when done right.. you will be burning your body fat. The fat that you wanted to get rid of all these years! and no not only that…More energy, sharper mindset. Type 2 diabetics have cured themselves. Too good to be true right? too Difficult?


But as an ingredient supplier, as people who have actually put this diet to the test PERSONALLY, we can say we are believers and the amount of people following it is increasing rapidly.

This gives opportunities in products, like oils (MCT oil e.g.), High fat Foods & snacks, Diet shakes, Pre-work energy boosters. you name it. We have some ideas, how about you?

In the next year you will have to decide on the European Keto market:

Are you in or out?