The power of V-label ingredients

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By Rene van Hoorn

When starting the company in 2019, we decided to make only vegan ingredients & products. This was a straightforward decision as our ambition is to build a sustainable health ingredients platform and what better way to do this than with vegan ingredients? It is clear to our customers: we fully support the change to a more sustainable (food ingredient) future and to back this up we decided to have our ingredients certified as vegan. As we researched the different available vegan labels out there, we noticed most of our clients using V-Label.


V-label: value for consumer, value for brands*

On a consumer level, more than 95% of consumers say they know the label. A staggering 82% actually understands the meaning and provide a trustworthy feeling upon which buying decisions are made. In fact, 79% of consumers are willing to pay more than non-labeled products and 64% of shoppers prefer to buy products with a V-label, this is across all major European countries.

We believe it is extra valuable to see that 95% of shoppers associate higher credibility to a brand, whereas 56% of testers feel the brand is more premium and healthier.





Choosing V-label as a B2B health ingredient company

We know and understand that labelling is something that adds most value on a consumer brand level. So why bother as a B2B company? The answer is quite simple: We care about the change. About making an impact. About inspiring our customers to also make the change. And having our ingredients certified makes it easier for you, as a customer, to have your final product also V-label certified.

Add value with (L)us, a company on a mission!

*Data extracted from V-label survey 2021 which involved 23000 shoppers from 40 countries