1000 IU D3 Vegan Softgels

Dmax® DHA dropper

Our Dmax® DHA dropper is a 30-50ml dropper or pipette bottle with your concentration of choice up to 450 mg / g when using pure Dmax® algal DHA oil. This algal oil is one of the richest sources of DHA, is winterized and ideally suited for use in a dropper. When diluted we used our PalmFreeMCT to maximize product stability. Currently available in Sicilian Lemon oil, Lime oil or Orange oil.


“Our Dmax® algal DHA droppers carry V-label certification, providing additional value to your brand”

Multiple health claims can be made on DHA for both adults and (unborn) children on eye health, brain and brain development.
Vegan soft gels

Build your brain and that of your child

With the arrival of algal based Omega 3 oils on the market, consumers have been more keen than ever to look into natural alternatives to soft gels or capsules. Indeed droppers or pipette bottle are easy to use, easy to dose in nearly any food, shake or for direct consumption. It also helps those that have difficulty swallowing reap the benefits of DHA like elderly people or your baby and with delicious flavors available it is no wonder this is a market hit.

Characteristics of our Dmax® DHA droppers


Clear oil for direct use or in foods


in any concentration up to 450mg/ml


MOQ 840 bottle


30-50ml bottles


Health claims on Brain, eyes and more !


V-label certified

Our natural ingredients

We do our utmost to make a high quality product using only natural ingredients. That goes for our antioxidants, like rosemary extract and tocopherols or for our flavours, which are all oil based natural peel extract with a delicious citrus fruit scent and flavour that your customers will love.

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