Coconut milk powder

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Coconut Milk Powder

Our Coconut milk powder is a vegan fat powder with a 60% oil load and is produced from 97% pure coconut milk and 3% carriers. It is our only fat powder that contains carbohydrates and gives a creaminess & light coconut flavour to your final product. The powder is white, with a long shelf-life (36m) and it is rich in saturated fatty acids like MCT’s & Lauric acid.

It is used in a variety of applications including meal (replacement) shakes, bars, protein shakes and pancake mixes.

Characteristics of our Coconut milk powder


100% non-GMO, vegan and gluten-free


60% oil load


Rich in saturated fatty acids


Free from dairy & silicon dioxide


Lovely light coconut smell & taste for different end applications


Long shelf life

Range and Applications of Our Fat Powders

For some applications, powder-based ingredients are preferred over liquid forms. Think of different savory or sweet shakes, supplements, and snack bars. As most high-fat powders we know contain unwanted (animal-based) ingredients, we launched our newest range of vegan high-fat powders. These powders can replace traditional liquid oils or dairy based fat powders for extended stability, shelf life and increased nutrients within an end product.

The neutral characteristics creates the possibility to use it in different (instant) powder recipes. Whether this is to add creaminess to your product, to reach a specific fatty acid profile or to replace an existing ingredient that is not so label or allergen friendly. The options are endless to meet the needs of your customer.

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