About LUS

Lus Health ingredients was brought to life with the goal to serve customers with high quality vegan ingredients. To have sustainability at the heart of the company. To make a difference in the market by not just providing product but also the tools to help customers succeed.

The company name and logo are in full alignment with the company’s goal. Lus is Gaelic word meaning plant or herb. But Lus is also a Dutch, meaning loop. Joined together it stands for sustainable plant-based solutions.

At LUS, we believe…


…that plant-based ingredients are the way to a sustainable future


…in alternative and better ways of bringing health ingredients to you


…in being different


At LUS, we work on a (exclusive) basis with manufacturers, with whom we tend to share more than a business interest, we share a common set of beliefs as well. Honesty, Transparency, Dedication, Focus and wanting to Serve the greater good. We have built relationships that extend far beyond a piece of paper, these are based upon trust.

Pure and Organic

For private label bottling of our MCT oils we have partnered exclusively with Pure and Organic. They can deliver nearly all types of bottles sizes, glass, pet, in full pallets with a short turn-around time. MOQ’s starts at one pallet, curious to learn more? please visit our Private label page to see the options

Atacama Bio Natural

Our partner for astaxanthin is Atacama Bio from Chile and we represent their brand Nataxtin® Exclusively for the European market. In an ideal clean environment, the best air quality in the world, algae are grown at high quality and cost effectiveness. An oleoresin, a powder for tablets & V-caps and a water dispersible powder are available. Visit the product page for more information


Our partner for Algal DHA is Novosana from The Netherlands for which we represent their brand Dmax® Algal DHA Exclusively for the European market. Highly pure and (winterized) algal oils for use in various applications and formulations. Available as a bulk oil as well as vegan Soft gels with 250mg DHA & 250 MG EPA+DHA (1:3). Visit the product page for more information


Our manufacturing & blending partner for powdered products is BMS from The Netherlands. With BMS we work on the packaging of our range of Veganergy MCT powder products fit for sport & keto lifestyles. Visit the private label page for more information on the offered packaging

Do you have any questions about LUS, our partnerships or our products?
Please, feel free to contact LUS.